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Best Hair Extension Salons Award Winners
Best Hair Extension Salons Award Winners


Extensions before and after extensions before and after pics and videos by the specialists of the best hair extension salons award winners.  If the choice of thicker hair is what you want or the hair longer and fuller is your wish, it can be in several diverse ways with the help of our tailored hair solutions. As seen in the before and after hair extensions pics and videos of extensions before and after extensions for hair, it is the only way to give you the hair you have always wanted at our famous hair solutions salons. Enjoy the extensions before and after extensions for hair photos and videos of our hair angel's models. This is the only hair extension salon offering the best extensions before and after videos and hair extensions before and after hair extensions pictures.

Extensions Before and After

When selecting hair extensions consumers should know if they will have quality human hair that must match "their" own type of tresses and texture for a smooth blending result. At Rodolfo Valentin winners of the "Best Hair Extension Salons" award, we have a huge selection of all hair color types and textures to exactly merge the client's natural hair with the addition for the most amazing natural effect. As seen in our before and after hair extensions pictures our models are having the most incredible and integrated own hair with the foreign making impossible to distinguish the foreign additions from the native hair.  In addition to hair quality and texture Rodolfo Valentin internationally known as the best hair extension salons, has the most proficient hair extensions staff compare to none at their top 10 salons in New York award winners.

Before and After Hair Extensions

As prestigious newspaper "New York Times" reported: “In the world of hair Rodolfo Valentin is haute couture and versatility is his forte. He has the ability of make a client look glamorous, sophisticated, casual or tailored with his couture hair extensions that are exceptional as these salons staff members are. Bad hair days do not exist for these exclusive hair extensions salons"....

Hair extensions at the best hair extension salon, is the right place to have hair extensions and inquire anything you may need to know about our “Hair Infusion Extensions”.  Rodolfo Valentin offers all types of hair extensions, they are available in the market as shown in the extension’s before and after photos and videos.

Note that in the extension before and after photos, the hair of some of the models have not only been lengthened, but also the hair color has been done without the use of chemicals. The hair extension before and after photos are showing an instant hair make over. Scroll down for more before/after gallery of hair extensions and see the greatest result before and after extensions have been applied.

Hair extensions
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Hair extensions
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Clip in hair extensions are also custom made by Rodolfo Valentin and they are the safest way to add length, volume, or color without causing damage to your own hair. They are the best option to permanent extensions.  These undetectable clip-in hair extensions let you to go from long to short or from short to long without cutting your hair. Clip-in Hair Extensions consist of one multi-level, couture hairpiece to craft a simple, chic style with no hassle of working with several individual wefts. These extensions are the easiest way to beautiful hair.  Our extensions are the favorites for every woman, not only in our New York City area but also from queens, long island, los angeles, Chicago, boston, Toronto, and far as London, UK, Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France.

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Visualize being able to have the hairstyle you've dreamed of without damaging your hair, avoiding hair color, perm or relaxing your natural hair.  If you are stressed to handle your hair through the agonizing grow out phase, need fast solutions for hair loss or are you only looking to renew your style, you'll be astonished with the options offered with our hair extensions and wigs. You can go wavy, curly or straight avoiding chemical processing and have a new appearance with no permanent changes to your hair. 
Rodolfo Valentin can give you to great lengths of hair as celebrities as Jessica Simpson,
Paris Hilton, Raquel Welch, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Lisa Marie Presley, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Britney Spears with "Hair Infusion" , his trademarked and exclusive hair extensions technique, successfully introduced to the industry. Rodolfo Valentin being named as the Best Hair stylist NYC, can also texture hair extensions as Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Beyonce hair nature or give you a total new look as Tyra Banks.

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Rodolfo Valentin has been working through the length of his trajectory as a top hairstylist, with all of the different types of hair extensions available in the market. RV is the hair extensions expert that everyone tries to emulate. RV offers the best selection and services in the field. Rodolfo Valentin's hair extensions salons are worlwide famous for its quality selection and a high reputation built thanks to his consistency of over 40 years of experience servicing te NYC, NY,NJ, and CT area since 1984 in USA, and standing clients from places as London, Paris, Dublin, as seen in the "Sunday Times" from London, UK.

Rodolfo Valentin can do any hair extensions system at your request, but his favorite number "one" is Rodolfo Valentin trademarked HAIR INFUSION. Seamless hair extensions, as seeing in New York Magazine, in the New York Hair Best Guide, and Hair New Era. We are also included in the New York City attractions and restaurants. Citysearch, the gigantic search engine in the world, as placed us between the best of New York.


 hair extensions
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We have a new 6000 SqFt luxury hair salon and spa, with a Hair Boutique floor dedicated to hair extension and hair replacement for privacy of our customers.We also have stock available enabling us to accept walk inns.

We are introducing our new vacuum wig, and we will open a custom made hairpieces showroom, to display all our custom made hair pieces in our new luxury hair saln located in the heart of the glamour of Madison Avenue. We have VIP private rooms and rooms with private shampoo sink, for hair color, hair color correction and damage hair repair, close to new restaurants, new hotels, and best hotels in New York NY to serve travel inn.

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